Sunday, May 27, 2007

Power Napping in the City

A friend recently asked if I ever got tired, given my go go go schedule of events around New York City, and I 'fessed up to the occassional nap. In honor of a lazy Memorial Day, here are some NYC short snooze tips:

Powernaps at Yelo
Feeling worn out after a midtown runaround, I plunked down $12 to take a 20 minute powernap at Yelo. They offer sleep therapy (aka, a nap) in futuristic YeloCabs, with a zero gravity chair, aromatherapy, relaxing audio and a simulated sunrise to awaken you. Combine your snooze with reflexology to melt away even more tension. Personally, I found the whole thing a little weird, but in New York you are rarely near your couch so this makes some sense.

Sunbathing in Central Park
The vast and gorgeous Central Park offers many pristine settings for the perfect nap. Sheep Meadow is where many sunbathers spread out their beach towels, but I prefer the little nooks of grass near Hernshead by the Lake. It is still New York, so be sure to keep an eye on your personal items, please.

Backrubs at Nail Salons
Probably one of the best things about New York City for this backrub junkie is that you can get a chair massage for a dollar a minute at many of the nail salons around town. So relaxing you might just start snoring.

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Rick said...

Wonderfull suggestions. Mary you really know your way around.