Thursday, June 25, 2009

Rooftop Films NYC

I'll be taking in a unique and festive NYC experience on Friday nite, when I'll attend Rooftop Films' screening of Humpday. While excited about the film, I'm even more jazzed about being outside on an NYC roof for cinema, sights, and film enthusiasts galore. Rooftop Films will screen around 20 films and 150 shorts in 2009, making it a prolific film festival. There is also music and Q&As and free stuff too. Films are held in various locations around town on Friday or Saturday nights, so check the schedule and pick a flick.

Friday, June 12, 2009

World Science Festival 2009-June 10-14

The World Science Festival is an amazing festival held each year at various locations in NYC. So cool, this stuff. Check out the programming and be wowed.

Yeah, so I'm a nerd. So what?

Monday, June 1, 2009

Art in NYC

I've been seeing an abundance of art recently in this city, filled with creatives extraordinaire as it is. New York has always been the mecca for artists of all types, the list is long of those that have lived, thrived and died here. The tradition continues. 

I recently took in the ethereal, otherworldly installation anthropodino by Ernesto Neto at the Park Avenue Armory. Talk about a head trip. The Armory is enormous and about the only place that can tackle Neto's one square city block, 80 feet high visual missive. Glorious to behold, one section of the piece drips with spice-filled gauze, like the stockings of giants. Walking through its ghostly constructed corridors, you at once feel peaceful and then can't catch your breath. See it before it is gone gone gone on June 14.

You can also catch great art evenings in Chelsea. The galleries there have receptions most nights, but Thursdays and Fridays seem most popular. I recently took in Liz Markus' paintings at Zieher Smith Gallery. Later at the Robert Miller Gallery, Patti Smith's photography and Jem Cohen's show were illuminating. The crowd is filled with the ultra-hip, and it is a quintessential New York City experience to walk among them. 

Finally, the public art in NYC is beyond compare. There is not enough room here to list them all, but any block is bound to offer sculpture of the highest order. Perhaps the greatest art masterpiece of them all is Central Park, which grounds all of us - creative wannabe's and artists alike - in nature's wholesome breath.