Friday, June 1, 2007

First NYC Yoga Experience

Ask most people what they think of yoga and the answer is all zenlike and ethereal. But for this girl with major monkeymind, the mildness of it all takes me straight to clockwatching. Despite my yoga discomfort, I do adore my friend (and yoga teacher) Ann Megyas, so I took in her New York Kripalu Center class tonight down in Chelsea. Thank goodness she is gifted and her style empowering yet gentle, because for the first time ever I actually enjoyed all the bending, breathing, stretching and kneeling that is yoga. As a runner, the series of poses helped release some hard-to-tackle, super-tight hamstrings and hip flexors. Blissed out is a term I can now use with authority.

Ann is Kripalu certified and has a real knack for making the class fun yet centering. At $12 for a 2 hour session it is the best yoga bargain in the city. Check out the series on Fridays at 6:30pm at the Feldenkrais Institute at 134 W. 26th St, or see her for private lessons.

Bonus: Eating exotic burgers afterwards at Brgr at 287 7th ave., where you can actually order a goat cheese veggie burger on whole wheat bun. Luscious!

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Columbia said...

Goat Cheese veggie burger! Woo hoo! Thanks for the tip. :) Love your blog and the chance to relive NYC firsts through fresh eyes. Keep it up!