Saturday, May 5, 2007

Genius Science Talk in Tribeca

It was a thrill to see geek and chic collide today with a science chitchat at the ubercool Tribeca Film Festival. Prodigies, Nobelists and Penguins: Science and Stereotypes in the Movies was a smart Q&A with the startlingly brilliant director Darren Aronofsky and the supersweet screenwriter Billy Shebar, moderated by physics prof & writer Sidney Perkowitz.

Much of today's talk focused on the very fine line between obsessive devotion to one's scientific work and outright madness, a perfect example being the protagonist Max in Aronofsky's masterwork Pi. It was a thrill for me to ask the panelists about research of the scientific specifics in film and to see if actors were encouraged to do their own investigations. In addition to praising collaboration and written resources, Aronofsky offered a great tale about watching human brain surgery with Hugh Jackman, costar of The Fountain. Shebar said much of his research came from actually talking with people about their experiences, which allows for more humanity and humor to come forth.

This has been my first ever exposure to the Tribeca Film Fest, and I'll be taking in another film tonight. The massive amount of films & events is overwhelming, so it takes much effort to pick and choose. But it is oh so worth it if you are a film fanatic. And a shout out to the admirable work done by The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and their promotion of science in media.

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Pi??? Masterpiece??? That thing freaked me out.