Sunday, May 13, 2007

Beautifyin' the Block

UPDATE: Good thing we beautified the block. Law & Order SVU filmed here yesterday for an upcoming episode. I'm thinking block party for when that airs!

Not that our gorgeous block needs much beautifying, but a happy crowd of 76th St. residents came out on a gorgeous spring day to plant flowers & paint fire hydrants, parking lines and metal flower borders. Now the block is stunning! Great meeting a friendly bunch of neighbors & doggies, as well as getting my hands dirty in planting soil. Who said New York was all concrete jungle? Learn more about the block at Landmark 76!

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Columbia said...

This is between amsterdam and columbus? I used to live between WEA and riverside -- what a great street altogether. I seem to remember being snubbed on the "landmark 76"! LOL! Looks great. When did/does it air?