Monday, February 23, 2009

Must See "Must Read After My Death"

Went to the NYC premiere of Must Read After My Death the other night. Its been a long time since I've been so provoked by a film, so challenged and destroyed by the content, so transfixed by the subject. This documentary peek into the private world of suburban angst is also a riveting commentary on American society in the early 60's.

Filmmaker Morgan Dews found recordings in a shed from his grandmother Allis - evidence of her philandering, overseas traveling husband; her psychiatric sessions; her family's decline. They chronicle an age when independent, spirited women like Allis were told their desires for success and independence were perverse. Artfully made, with home movie images of the happy family juxtaposed with their harrowing, heart wrenching recordings, this real-life psychological thriller has you spellbound and wondering, just what will become of this family?

The film is being released in cinemas in NYC and LA. Simultaneously, it is being made available through Gigantic Releasing for $2.99 online, an effective new model of independent film distribution. Look for more films to reach a wider audience in this fashion, and hats off to Gigantic for the innovation.