Friday, December 25, 2009

Guiding Your Christmas and New Year's

I spent Xmas eve chowing down Brazilian food with friends in Hell's Kitchen. Yep, nothing says Christmas like a big slab of steak and full on girl talk. I called it an orphan's Christmas, but my friend said that didn't fit her style. "We are adult women living in Manhattan and we can do whatever we want." 'Nuff said. 

Still, there may be those out there that want a little more structure to their holiday nightlife. And while the best way to get out and about is with party planning pals, there are a number of good event websites that can guide the inexperienced. A new one I have come across is Joonbug, which focuses on the club scene. There is also New Year's Eve Central, with great tips on New Year's Eve bashes about town. My fav standbys for events are New York Magazine and Time Out New York, both with excellent calendar features. 

As for my holiday plans, you'll see me walking through Central Park on Christmas, and staying as far away from Times Square as humanly possible on New Year's.