Monday, May 21, 2007

Scavenger Hunt Extraordinaire

Sunday, I had my first experience with a New York City scavenger hunt. This is a unique something that folks do here, and if you ever get invited you MUST participate as it is one wild ride. Some New Yorkers have been known to spot a hunt in progress and infiltrate into the fun, and our fellow subway riders were excited by our determination. A mega-competitive spirit and a map w/ landmarks will do you well.

Here is the Deal: The Hunt Hosts (in this case, Kevin, Melissa, Susie & Roger) develop mindbending clues for various spots around town, in this case in Chelsea. A team of hunters must then rush around deciphering these hints and complete the task requested. For example, below are clues w/ [answers]:
On six two-four is mermaid's buzz [Starbucks]
North 2 taste the way it was [north 2 blocks]
Walk past flying cat to find [flying cat on wall]
The waves on which this guy is signed [Tesla plaque on Radio Waves bldg.]
Task: who remembered? [Yugoslavian American Bicentennial Cmt. put up the plaque]

Crazy, right? But there is no thrill like figuring it all out. While our team didn't win (despite resorting to bribery!) we had a blast and got to see parts of the city this newbie would never have noticed. Hats off to the organizers and the awesome party afterwards.


Anonymous said...

This sounds like a great time. I am trying to schedule a scavenger hunt for a group of about 15. Were your hunt hosts friends or do they do this professionally?

Mary Hilton said...

The hosts were awesome. They were friends and this was not a professional scavenger hunt. However, they are event specialists and therefore had the professional know-how to put this on.

Hope that helps.