Sunday, February 3, 2008

Fashion Week: Where Hemlines Meet Headlines

Now that the Giants have won the Superbowl, we can get back to the real entertainment spectacle going on in NYC right now. That is right, I am talkin' about Fashion Week Fall 2008, taking place Feb. 1-8. You know, the time of year when all the fashionistas get decked out in five inch heels (not an exaggeration), leopard print stockings and microminis and head on down to Bryant Park. It is not uncommon to see toothpick thin models running across 6th Avenue dressed in outfits that are fine art in and of themselves. A visual feast of high end couture, physically impossible beauty and downright freak-show spectacle, Fashion Week is a celebration of creativity of the sewn variety.

You have to be someone to get inside the tents, but anyone can walk by and gawk at the impeccibly decked-out-and-about beauties and designers flustered and rushing to their next gig. Who might you see? Zac Posen, Anna Sui, Michael Kors, Vera Wang, Diane von Furstenberg and Heidi Klum. Current buzz is all about the swiftly-shrinking miniskirt going higher higher higher. We will see, but fact is that all clothing trends, no matter how trecherous, get their start here.

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