Monday, February 11, 2008

Westminster Dog Show Worth Woofing About

Its the greatest dog show on earth. The Westminster Dog Show, taking place Feb. 11-12 at Madison Square Garden in New York City, is the premier gathering of top breeds from across the nation. The area around the Garden is overrun with magnificant doggies looking chic and red-carpet ready.

Adding spice to this year's event is the fact that my friend Kathy's adorable pup Calvin is half-brother to pre-show favorite Uno, a beagle who is causing alot of buzz. Despite being a popular breed, no beagle has won the Best in Show prize in the show's history. But one look at the super-precious Uno (whose official name is Park Me in First) will get your tail wagging.

New York City knows how to keep these elite canines happy, with special "poop stations" set up in the Hotel Pennsylvania (where many of the contestants stay) and high end, gourmet dog treats galore. As for show tickets, there is reserved seating (running $60 on upupup), general admission for $40, and a children's pass for $20. The show runs 8am-11pm each day, and if you can't make it in person watch live coverage of the group competitions on the USA Network. And if you just want to get in the doggone mood, check out this slide show or a personal favorite, The Daily Puppy.


Oscar said...

forgot all about it, i swear its the second fashion show, just the models walking down the runway ( I wont dare call it a catwalk), are probably more intelligent.
lol, i might use this in my blog
anyway keep up the good work!

Ming the Merciless said...

I heard the beagle won best in the breed but not sure if it won the best in show.

Dogs are the most beautiful animals in the world.

Anonymous said...

The beagle did win - Uno is now "numero uno" - what a bow wow

Anonymous said...

The beagle did win - Uno is now "numero uno" - what a bow wow