Thursday, February 7, 2008

Super Tuesday: How Do You Vote In This Town, Anyway?

Since moving from Washington DC almost a year ago, I've not given politics alot of thought. Its been refreshing to be in a town where culture and moolah reign supreme, rather than congressional shenanigans. But it was exciting to be in NYC on Tuesday for the primary, with all the passionate campaigners flambouyantly drumming up support for their gal or guy. But don't be like me and (accidentally) not register in the state until it is too late. I'm currently undecided, but I still feel guilty (kinda-sorta) for not casting my ballot.

So, to help others avoid such peril, below are some links for getting your civic duty on and being prepared for future votes:
Board of Elections: Info on all things political in the city.
Voter Registration Form: Fill it out. Send it in. Get ready to vote.
Poll Site Locator: Find out where you vote in advance, so you don't get lost.
NYC Voter Assistance Commission: I don't really know what they do, but cool info nonetheless. Apparently, 2008 is Voter Awareness Year. Who knew?
League of Women Voters: A friend pointed this important group out to me, and in this election year in particular, it is an essential resource.

The general presidential election is Tuesday, November 4, so get ready to do your patriotic duty and get out and vote!

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