Friday, February 22, 2008

Dave Hill Blows Your Mind, Like, Wide Open

Dave Hill is some kinda wonderfully weird. A mashup of Andy Kaufman, lounge lizard and frat boy metrosexual, this comedic genius is just this side of certifiable. Seeing his show The Dave Hill Explosion at the UCB Theater at 307 26th St. (home to the Upright Citizens Brigade) was true NYC art on the edge. While I was disappointed that the promised hornets did not make an appearance (yeah, I read his blog) it was made up for by fab guests Amy Sedaris and Bob Mould. Throw in a wrestling match with a midget and creepy sidekick Phil and you've got all kinds of fun goings on onstage.

His twisted take on a talk show uncovered truths never before revealed in the history of man. Like, who knew pioneer punker Mould composed the theme to The Daily Show? Who knew Sedaris could spit beans out of her mouth, making them resemble knocked-out teeth? (0kay, so that one we already knew about, but to see it live was just delicious).

Bonus: Seriously, David Hill has some major buzz going and is on the cusp of becoming a major pop culture phenom. Catch him now while you still can. Besides, at $5 a ticket, this is the best comedy bargain around.

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Oscar said...

did you say MetroSex-ual?