Monday, June 4, 2007

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart!!!

Out of all the coveted, lusted-over, super-sought-out tickets in New York City, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart reigns supreme. Sold out months in advance due to charismatic host Jon Stewart and his masterful skewering of political idiots du jour, the show is also overbooked to ensure a packed house -making it doubly difficult to get in. If lightening strikes and the entertainment heavens rain online reservations down upon you, there is still no guarantee you'll be granted entry. So I was beyond grateful when, after standing in line for nearly 2 hours, I was awarded the VERY LAST TICKET to tonight's taping. Even that did not put me in the clear, as when I finally made it to the studio door the security guards blocked my entry (not the first time that has happened, mind you) and explained there were no more open seats. I don't know if it was my crestfallen face, my sudden inability to breath or my overt offers of bribery, but the guards eventually relented and ushered me to the last remaining chair. A similar scenario unfolded at the Saturday Night Live taping, so I'm sensing a karmic pattern here perhaps? As far as the guests go, they were Congressman Ron Paul, a bit of an alternative candidate for prez, and Larry Flynt via string phone (you had to be there).

How to Get Tix: Go to The Daily Show Web site and check availability. They are usually sold out months in advance, but you never know as I got the one remaining ticket for June a mere week and a half in advance. You can also attempt to get standby tickets by going to the studio at 733 11th Ave. (btw. 51st & 52nd) but entry is not guaranteed. Unfortunately, the women standing in line behind me made it up to the door, but were ultimately denied. Entry into the studio is on a first come, first serve basis, so arrive by 3:30pm or earlier (the show recommends by 4:00pm, I got there at 3:45pm, but since I was the last ticket holder standing, obviously the earlier the better). Have your ID with you, wait until the doors open at 5:15pm & keep your fingers crossed you'll get in. Taping ends around 7:15pm.
Bonus: Seeing all the political junkies in line, as well as the campaign workers handing out stickers and literature, reminded me a tiny bit of my old haunt Washington, D.C.

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