Friday, June 15, 2007

No Marathon for Mary

There will be no running in the 2007 ING New York City Marathon for moi, as I did not gain a slot in this coveted 26.2 mile race on November 4. Given that while walking the other day I blew out my knee at the exact moment I was thinking how cute my 5 inch heeled, strappy platform sandals were (and they say the universe doesn't have a sense of humor!) I'm not too heartbroken. But still *sniff* the New York City Marathon is a dream of mine. Here is how I (and thousands of others) will get there one day.

  • Enter the lottery. You must fill out an application on the marathon's Web site. With more than 98,000 applicants, luck of the draw will determine if you get to run among the nearly 38,000 participants.
  • Run for charity. If you join a fundraising charity team you will automatically get entry into the marathon. I would do this if my knee were in better shape. No, really.
  • Complete at least nine New York Road Runners-scored, qualifying races during the calendar year.
  • Be an entrant in the prior year's New York City Marathon. If you cancel before race day, you get a slot in the next year's marathon.
  • Complete 15 or more New York City Marathons (yikes!)
  • Apply but be denied entry for the last three years in a row. After all that waiting, you will be guaranteed a spot.
  • Volunteer. Okay, so this doesn't mean you get to run. But it does get you in on the action of the race. Hand out water, Gatorade or blankets, clip chips, or direct marathoners onto buses. Visit the marathon Web site for more info.
  • Be a Spectator. Stand among 2 million spectators on the sidelines of the course and scream like crazy for the runners. Trust me, this noisemaking is inspiring to those sweating it out and a vital motivator.

Sure, I've heard of sneaky, manipulative, underground methods of gaining an entry bib, but I figure it pays to play legit. Here's to cheering the runners on November 4!

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