Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Buddist Center Garden Bash

Another great thing about New York City? The multitudinous spiritual practices offered to its millions of residents, challenging us to seek out a connection with the world (and beyond) that most accurately speaks to our individual beliefs. While I am still sampling from this buffet, it has been enlightening to learn more about Kadampa Buddhism through the teachings of my friend Julia, as well as last night's garden party held by the Chakrasambara Buddhist Center.

Taking place at the 6th and B Community Garden in the East Village, the night included camaraderie and an inventive performance of Buddhist-lyriced Beatles songs with a talented NYC cast. The wacky dharma jokes may have gone over my head, but I admired and envied the sense of community there.

Bonus: Seeing up close the impressively mammoth and odd 65-foot-high art-tower created by the recently deceased Eddie Boros that looms over this charming urban community garden.

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Anonymous said...

My wife and I took my visting sister-n-law from Mexico around the city a couple of weekends ago. She is a very religous person. (Christain Scientist; unusal for Mexico I would think.) While waiting for the Sta. Island Ferry (great view of lower Manhattan, Statute of Liberty for free) and listening to the many voices in the crowd, she thought of the Tower of Babble. Perhaps the greatest thing about NYC; it's people from evey corner of the globe. Mario Vargas LLosa wrote right after 9/11 people arriving from all over become New Yorkers long before they become Americans and all the incredible diversity of religions is the very antithesis of Bin Laddan and his freaks (He probably didn't say freaks).

I haven't found a religion that makes much sense to me. And I wonder about people preaching the spiritual life. For example, what would Mrs. Dali Lama say about living with that guy? But maybe I would be a little less a nervous wreck if I checked some of this stuff out. If you cant't finds it in New York (to include Mary's Blog)...