Monday, April 23, 2007

Spring, Spirit & the Shake Shack

It is officially SPRING in New York! The sidewalk cafes are full, the dogs are out in force & the park ponds are filled with rowboats. So yesterday was spent almost entirely outside at Madison Square Park for a visit to the Shake Shack. Heavenly yummy burgers, dogs, fries and FROZEN CUSTARD (oh my, oh my my my). The line goes half way around the park, but it is worth the wait. The prices are CHEAP and standing in line on a gorgeous day ain't half bad. And you get to check out the cool public art & music!

Early morning was spent with the lovely Rev. Kimberleigh Jordan at Marble Collegiate Church for the second Art & Soul talk. This Sunday's guest was Mary Gordon, renowned author who often explores Catholicism in novels like Spending, Pearl & Final Payments. This extraordinary Q&A offered intelligent insight into the creative process. When speaking of the balance of discipline & creativity, Gordon likened the muse to a horse that galloped 'round and 'round her house, but if she wasn't standing ready at the door she would never be able to jump on its back. I could go on and on about her brilliant comments on society, the rising cost of living in NYC, the need for discipline when the passion for writing is not fed... but to get a real sense of her spirituality, talent and intelligence it is probably best to read her work.

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