Wednesday, April 4, 2007

I Am Not a Crook

Growing up around Washington, D.C., I got used to things political being hometown news. So it was with a bit of nostalgia that I caught the 2pm matinee of Frost/Nixon. Based on the David Frost interviews with the disgraced ex-prez, the play examines the psychological ping-pong game in the mind of Watergate's tragic hero, eliciting some sympathy on my part. The performance by Frank Langella is stellar, with just the right physical & vocal nuance of Nixon without veering into caricature. And Michael Sheen as Frost? Oh, delightful. You might know him from his recent turn as Tony Blair in The Queen. The writing is entertaining and smart.

Now, I confess that I had a baby crush on Langella back in his Dracula days. I'm happy to say that these many years later, even as the beauty-challenged Nixon, his talent makes him forever crush-worthy.

Scoop: Other must-see theater as recommended by the real-live-New-York actor sitting next to me: Coram Boy and Journey's End. Might just check 'em out...

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