Thursday, April 26, 2007

I Want Mo Mo Mo

Jaunted down and over to Ave. A (on the V train for goodness sake) to Mo Pitkin's House of Satisfaction for The Ritalin Readings, a series of short short rants by not-yet-widely-known-but-hip writers, bloggers and comics. The venue is good in that intimate nightclub sense, cramped tables allowing for many personal space violations (but in a good way).

I suppose any smaller venue, mass talent program always runs the risk of morphing into a horrorfest of self-indulgent ramblings. Luckily, this proved NOT to be the case at Mo's, an established venue for comics & musicians on the Lower East Side. And at 4 minutes each, any bad story would be over mercifully quick. With highlights from the Onion AV Club's The Hater columnist Amelie Gillette, comedian Kurt Braunohler, Chris Mohney talking about being fired from Gawker, and (my favorite) comic John Mulaney hysterically mocking the cartoon millionaire that is Trump, the night was an entertaining exploration of a uniquely NYC performance space. Oh, and being surrounded by hipster 20-somethings gave me a taste of what it would have been like if I'd moved here 15 years ago!

1 comment:

susan said...

er...15 yrs ago in 1992 there were no bloggers.
Not everyone had computers.
Isn't that weird!