Sunday, April 15, 2007

Feeding the Soul & Feast for the Eyes

Art & Soul at Marble Collegiate Church: Located on 5th Ave. at 29th St., this church had Norman Vincent Peale as it's pastor for 52 years. Gorgeous building, wonderful programs. The Q&A focused on following the spirit in creative practice, and featured Tony-award winning actor Jeffrey Wright, perhaps best known for his title role in Basquiat. He also won acclaim in Syriana and Casino Royale. Wright gave great examples of following a calling/spirit/muse (name it what you will) in his art and the struggles and rewards that presents. In our brief discussion afterwards, it was nice to learn he grew up in D.C.

The Photography Show 07: An amazingly huge, glorious presentation of a diverse array of photography at this annual show, hosted by AIPAD. Many famous photographs by artists you know and love (Cartier-Bresson! Arbus! Man Ray!) and others not-so-known-but-soon-to-be-loved (Fontcubeta! Titarenko! Davis!) Around 90 galleries represented from all over the world, thousands of photos displayed, all genres, sizes, eras, scenes. A great treat for the eyes on a day when the heavens decided to open and let the waterfalls out to play.

Similar note: Hoover Factory posting on photog Chris Jordon. Neat-o!

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