Sunday, April 29, 2007

Art as Food, Food as Art

Art as Food (for the Soul)
It is Tribeca Film Fest time here in the city, which means movies movies movies AND lots of events centered in Tribeca. I'll have more on that soon enough, as I'm slated to take in a few flicks and panel discussions over the next week. But to kick off my first-ever exposure to this cultural phenom, I joined a new friend on TOAST- Tribeca Open Artist Studio Tour. The walk offers an inside peek at artists in their natural habitat-their studios and living spaces. The art itself was of varying degrees of good, but then that wasn't the point. Really, the walk is about supporting and celebrating those that keep the crazy creative flavor of New York alive. Thank goodness for characters like Sam Wagner and his pet poodle, Yun Kyung Huh and her delicate pencil drawing collages, and all the artists that opened their doors to us curious folk.

Food as Art
Most of the time, I just eat to eat. But in Tribeca my lunch at Blaue Gans at 139 Duane St. was of a creative German bistro variety. Tasty and light Wiener schnitzel? You bet, along with other delights. Highly recommended. And my Sunday brunch at Artisanal at 2 Park Ave. featured a threesome of cheese (Fleu du Maquis, Livarot & Shropshire Blue) that was decadent and delish. Definitely a must-munch if you are into the artistry of fromage, especially the stinky variety.

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