Friday, March 9, 2007

Learning about the Neighborhood

So I've somehow stumbled upon the best block in the universe to live. I've felt that already, but it was confirmed over coffee this morning with Joe Bolanos, president of Landmark 76. Great insight into the block, called "the Grandest Block in Manhattan" by some. It was the second designated landmark block in the city. Certainly, this is a special place. Joe said that when you come to our block, you are "walking into a time period." He's right. The people are friendly, the block beautiful, and the architecture exquisite. Magical.

We are in the midst of a real battle on the block, as the New York Historical Society wants to begin a $20 million renovation of its landmark building at 170 Central Park West that would also allow a 23-story glass apartment tower behind the society's museum and library. This would significantly alter the skyline and cause enormous disruption to the character and quiet of the block.

Fortunately, Community Board 7 voted against the renovation at its March 7 meeting. Read the New York Times article HERE.

Other news: I'm playing the New York City Marathon lottery to see if I get chosen to run it on November 4. Keep your fingers crossed! I've joined the New York Road Runners, so my chances are a bit better than with no affiliation to a NYC running club. Can't wait to go for my first full run in Central Park! The weather has been a bit too cold, but that is really no excuse...

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Ming_the_Merciless said...

I have to admit, I admire your enthusiasm in explorating your new home. That's what makes it such a good read.

My initial weeks/months in NYC, after moving here following graduate school, were spent trying to learn the new job and fit into the big city. I was a country bumpkin in a big city. It was really a sink or swim struggle.