Thursday, March 8, 2007

Feeding the Soul: Beads and Buddha

Today was pretty fabulous too. As an avid jewelry maker, I headed to midtown to find the bead shops recommended by Randy. Little did I know I would find myself in the middle of jewelry making heaven. Every few steps there was a bead or jewelry supply shop, all different sizes and specialties. The prices are fractions of what I was paying in DC, and in many cases much better than what I find online. A list of favorites:

  • Phoenix Beads & Silver Import, Inc.: Located at 5 W. 37th btw. 5th & 6th. Another location at other end of W. 37th. Best prices on chain and great selection of gemstones.
  • Metalliferous: 34 W. 46th St. btw. 5th & 6th. Floor to ceiling metal findings, tiny aisles, worth the scavenger hunt. An experience not to be missed.
  • Beadalliferous: The bead half of Metalliferous. Some good finds.
  • Beads World, Inc.: 1384 Broadway btw. 37th & 38th.

In the 'small world' story line, the woman behind me at Beadalliferous had just lived in DC for the last 3 months, knew my old jewelry haunt Beadazzled. We had a great chat about jewelry making and some of the galleries she is showing in in DC.


Ended the day at Julia's Buddhist meditation class. The topic was Meditation on the Mind. The class starts with 15 minutes of guided meditation, followed by a teaching, some Q&A, ending with another guided meditation. This session included a brief conversation period with the person sitting next to you.

The class was a perfect compliment to Oliver Sacks' talk last night, though very different. One was a scientific look at the mind, the other spiritual. Can't go into all the teaching covered tonight, but I will say it helped confirm that much of our happiness is rooted in perception rather than circumstance.

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