Thursday, March 29, 2007

Hawke Sighting

Tonight's treat was hearing the great and gritty crime novelist Richard Hawke (aka Tim Cockey) read from his newest work Cold Day in Hell at the Chelsea Barnes & Noble. Much of the story takes place on the Upper West Side and in Central Park - my neck of the woods.

Think yoga and PI's never mix? Think late night talk show hosts could never be pegged for murder most gruesome? Think that crime noir could never be au courant? Read the first few pages of the book and throw out such silly notions. This is a damn good read.

Bonus: The folks at the reading were fantastic New Yorkers. Great conversation before and after (but not during!) the reading. And a shout out to writer/caterer/chef extraordinaire Chris Fisk and her book Sneaky Veggies: How to Get Vegetables Under the Radar & Into Your Family.

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