Monday, March 31, 2008

Sporknotes and Other Worthy Improv in NYC

Improv is one of those random acts of performance that can have you hurtin' yourself with laughter, or bulldozing fellow patrons as you skedaddle for the exit. But if you want to see this ancient artform at its most skillfully wacky, then see improv in New York City. You've got the ticket-lines-around-the-corner Upright Citizens Brigade, fantastic site-specific Improv Everywhere, randy Peoples Improv Theater, legit National Comedy Theater, and of course just single comics galore. Really, you can't go too wrong with improv here.

I had the pleasure of seeing Sporknotes, an ensemble improv show by the Rising Sun Performance Company, as part of the Frigid Festival 2008. If you are in the mood for thumbtack sharp improv wit, all under the guise of a literary roundtable, then check it out. Essentially, the actors - all unskilled non-academics - do their best to improvise abridged versions of highbrow literature. I was fortunate to be there on the night when that great American masterpiece, The Little Engine That Could, was shouted out by an audience member to became the madcap plot outline through which eight or so actors tapdanced. Wackiness ensued, but so did political commentary, sexual innuendo and Transformers. Let's just say, it takes deliciously sick minds to come up with this stuff, and its pure delight to go along for the ride.

Hats off to the whole cast, who never failed to roll with the punches, even when they were below the belt. The show will have a more regular schedule soon, through Horse Trade Theater Group. It makes for a fun go-see, so if you can't wait go to a special show on April 11, 8pm at the Endtimes Underground @ Gene Frankel Theater, 24 Bond St.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for you kind words! I'm so thrilled that it has indeed come to pass that we now have a monthly show at HorseTrade. Starting July 27th (and the fourth Sunday of the months that follow), Sporknotes will be doing the 8pm show at Under Saint Marks. We're very grateful for your support, and hope you'll come back and see us soon!