Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Elephants Trot Across Manhattan!

The circus came to town early early this morning, and they brought their elephants with them. The annual tradition in NYC is that when they arrive, pachyderms and humans alike march down 34th St. all the way from the Queens-Midtown Tunnel to Madison Square Garden. With beautiful beasts emerging from the tunnel at roughly 12:45am, its one of those latelate night, wackadoo, 'only-in-New-York' events that remind you of the unique joie de vivre this place embraces, matched with a hearty lust for revelry (and any excuse to act like a loon) that is rarely rivaled elsewhere.

Unfortunately, my camera was persnickety and the only half-decent photo I got was an out of focus elephant butt, so you can see better photos on Flickr and a video on YouTube. But let's face it - the site of an elephant marching through the greatest city on earth is something that must be witnessed in person!


Miss Adventurous said...

I missed THAT!? That is amazingly awesome!

You can bet your elephant's butt I'm not missing it next year.

Anonymous said...

That is totally awesome. lol wish I'd been there to witness it!!

Ming the Merciless said...

I can't believe I haven't heard of this until now.

Where have I been? Hiding under the desk?

The answer is: YES!

hooverfactory said...

The RB/B&BC-logo-emblazoned boxcars are currently parked in Long Island City, easily spied from the 7 train as it approaches (or pulls away from) the underground leg of its journey. Vicariously thrilling, in an odd way.