Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Bye, Bye, Gov

This former DC-ite, that land of plenty where political scandals are concerned, has witnessed a doosey of one here in New York. Our Gov. Spitzer resigned today due to... uh... transgressions. I am super-pleased that Lt. Gov. David Paterson will step in, and also become New York's first black governor. I heard Paterson speak at the 92nd St. Y last year on the topic of stem cell research, and he came across as sharp, smart and outspoken. Being legally blind, Paterson has not only a professional but a personal interest in medical research and the politics that can hinder or help such advancement. Don't know about you, but I am quite pleased with such a nice improvement over Sir Spitz.


Miss Adventurous said...

I'm excited about Paterson too! He's the kind of guy who could only become governor by accident, but I think he'll do a great job. It almost makes you wonder if the political machine wasn't using Sleazy Spitz as the politicking headliner to get Paterson into the office.

Lucky 327 said...

Well, I am very glad I read this. Oddly enough this whole issue coupled with the downward spiral one of my friend's is in, has had me feeling really depressed. I was in such disbelief about the former gov, and depressed for how so many people fall into easy money/sex/whatever..

I failed to think about the positive side, that paterson could be great for our future.