Monday, August 6, 2007

Lost Your Grandmama's Cookbook? Then Go Here!

In New York City, a walk down any side street holds promise of the ultra quirky. You never know what bizarre, super-specialized store might be lurking. Today I wandered by a shop advertising out-of-print, antiquarian, and unusual cook books. Nothing but cook books. Cook books galore. Joanne Hendricks, Cookbooks... and books about food and wine, etc. is a gem of a destination, offering one of those 'only in New York' finds where the store itself is like performance art - visually stimulating, unique-unto-itself and strangely soul enriching.

Nestled among the cuisine how-to's lovingly displayed around this early 1800's shop were exquisite kitchen antiques, tea services and art glass. These appealed most to this anti-cook (you'll find my microwave resting atop my stove in my small NYC kitchen, which I consider a brilliant spacial compromise) as did the comic, tongue-in-cheek writings about culinary exploration. Really, it is a miracle I even ventured into a cookbook shop, but the antique feel of the place seduced me. If you are a foodie, check the store out at 488 Greenwich Street.

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