Friday, August 10, 2007

New York International Fringe Festival Gets Freaky

For those New Yorkers not jaunting off to upper crustie beach locales this month, the New York International Fringe Festival is THE current cultural place-to-be-seen. Held August 10-26 at theaters around town, this is the largest multi-arts festival in North America and features 200 shows at more than 20 venues. Shows range from an unabashedly wacky musical about Charles Bukowski, a political farce featuring a fictional, futuristic Hillary C., to a glut of angst-fueled commentaries created by genius solo humorists.

Some Fringe offerings wind up on B'way charging 10 times the festival's $15 ticket price. So use the FringeNYC Slice-o-Matic to find plays that speak to your on-stage groove, or pick 'em like a race horse (randomly, but based on a gut feeling.) Or volunteer and get an overall perspective on the multitudinous performance options. Hey, its a high class problem to have too many low-cost choices, so see as many plays as you can and support innovative theater!

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