Monday, July 30, 2007

Nosferatu the Play Creeps You Out (but in a good way)

The unnerving story of Nosferatu, that famous vampire of death, makes for an uncomfortably enjoyable play in Nosferatu: The Morning of My Death at the Midtown International Theatre Festival. Freakishly frightening, this production by the Rabbit Hole Ensemble follows the ill-fated Mina and her doomed compatriots as they experience nightmarish hauntings from beyond the grave.

Utilizing minimal lights, staging and costumes to effectively conjure intense desperation, horror and despair, the production wisely showcases the solid acting chops of its cast. The entire lot of them deserve kudos for effectively evoking the weirdness of the undead, but Jenna Kalinowski warrants special note for her commanding performance as the play's central narrator (and doomed blood-lust magnet of the Count). The eerie direction by Edward Elefterion and innovatively constructed script by Stanton Wood are stellar, and Danny Ashkenasi is particularly fun to watch as a fly devouring asylum inmate.

Bonus: Getting to eat Pakistani food after the show with fellow fabulous New Yorkers including cast member Danny, and hearing the inside scoop on this production. Check out Nosferatu: The Full Cycle around Halloween. Creepy!!!

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