Sunday, July 8, 2007

Lost and Found

You see them all over New York City, the missing posters. "Call immediately if found" pleas for sentimental or costly items now vanished. Currently, there is a popular one around my block searching for Zippy the parakeet. Cell phones get stolen, Gucci pumps fall off your foot when stepping from a cab, an heirloom ring flies off a dieting model's finger. All may wind up in photos xeroxed on colored sheets of paper and taped to a lamp post. Rewards in the thousands are common.

Tonight I frolicked through a litany of missing things while watching Gone Missing, a comedic musical at the Barrow Street Theatre in the West Village. The material was compiled through interviews with an eclectic assortment of New Yorkers, focusing on issues of loss. Most stories are hysterical, silly, offering perfect verse for a cabaret song. Others are more poignant, such as the tale of the loss of a gay man's less-than-loving mother's necklace. The play's style is very Devo-meets-Groundlings, which makes for an interesting visual fix. The actors pull it off to perfection for an enjoyable and weird summer theatrical escape.

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