Sunday, October 18, 2009

Urban Meditation in the Bronx

The  poetry of this piece of travelogue theater will leave you lulled out of space and time. But the power of it is in the now. The adventurous Foundry Theater has taken a step out of the conventional in The Provenance of Beauty, a performance piece set on a bus trip 'round the Bronx. This New York Times review captures the essence of this beautiful, haunting urban meditation. Great theater sometimes does expand outside stage. Kudos to The Foundry for expanding traditional notions of performance space, and doing so with such gentle gusto. 

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Terry B, Blue Kitchen said...

I checked the Foundry's website and saw that The Provenance of Beauty is sold out. Just as well. I haven't had much luck in putting together a visit to New York lately. Thanks for reminding us there is so much wonderful theater beyond Broadway, Mary.