Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween in NYC

Oh sure, there are the Haunted House tours, the parade in the Village, the tiny trick-or-treaters traipsing from apartment building to brownstone. But the fact is that in NYC, people dress up like its Halloween on any given day, and freaks and ghouls roam free in a marvelous, all-are-welcome-here kinda way. True scariness can be found in the stories of haunted happenings behind the many, many closed doors of this insanity-inducing island. The New York Times put a few together in this article for our spooky amusement. Read at your own risk. Oh, and hope that your pre-war one bedroom isn't one of the fright-infested. 


Terry B, Blue Kitchen said...

That every-day-is-Halloween dress code and attitude is something I love about New York, Mary. And I especially love that it's not limited to the goth/tattooed/pierced/extreme crowd. All senses of style are welcome. I recall once seeing a slightly portly, very dapper man walking past Grand Central wearing a cream-colored suit and a Hercule Poirot-style homburg. Come to think of it, he had Poirot's mustache too.

Anonymous said...

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