Sunday, May 3, 2009

Marie's Crisis: Piano Bar with History

Mon deux, how did this fabulous joint remain a mystery to me for so long? Marie's Crisis Cafe is a piano bar extraordinaire, buried deep in a West Village basement at 59 Grove St. This historical showcase of a late night hangout is home to show tune buffs of varying talents and persuasions. The wooden beamed, low hanging ceiling and tight quarters lend an air of intimacy to this good-time-had-by-all establishment, and you can feel the talents of singers gone by even when the ivories aren't being tickled.

Everyone sings at Marie's Crisis, good bad and ugly, but the chorus created is consistently lively and occasionally longing. Stick around long enough, you'll be treated to a solo or two by some of the city's finest chanteuses. In the meantime, practice your do-ri-me's and get ready to belt one.


Terry B said...

You know, New York and Paris are the only two places where I'll willingly go into a basement for entertainment. This place sounds like it would make for rollicking entertainment and perhaps knocking back more than one too many. In that neck of the woods, have you been to another basement joint, 55 Bar on Christopher Street, for jazz?

Lexi Elizabeth said...

Silly question- is it 21 and over?

Mary Hilton said...

I do believe it is 21 and over, as it serves the booze. Hope you can still visit someday soon, its awesome.