Thursday, May 14, 2009

First Published Article in NYC!

Well, big milestone. I got published for the first time in NYC. Wrote an essay on the play Exit Cuckoo, which I've covered on this blog but not in quite this delicious a length. I am beyond thrilled.

The piece is in the May 09 issue of the Brooklyn Rail, the respected art, opinion, culture and political magazine. If up for it, read Navigating the Nannyhood: Lisa Ramirez's Exit Cuckoo and better yet, go see the play


hoover factory said...

Kudos and mazel tov!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your first published (NY) article Mary. The first of many I'm sure. It was very insightful and... entertaining at the same time.

It was great meeting you at the Armory last night.. you do practice what you preach regarding meeting people!... I was very impressed with the way you approached my friend and I... very refreshing in this naked city.

Look out as promised for my Event Safari emails... coming to your inbox real soon.

Hope to see you again!


Don Jones

Pighood said...


Terry B said...

Congratulations, Mary! Well deserved of course--it's a stellar article.

Laura @ mtp said...


Will Hennessy said...

Congrats! Hopefully many more to follow!