Monday, November 10, 2008

Awaken Your Social Self with Lucid NYC

There are enough social things to do on a Thursday nite in NYC to make your head spin. Most are fun, frivolous, fancy. But if you are searching for a night out that mixes the whirl of massive mingling with a drop of social enlightenment, then come to a Lucid NYC event.

Lucid NYC is a new social experiment. The model is simple - throw a party in a chic Manhattan loft space and let a few presenters onstage to gab briefly about how they are changing the world. People interface on what they have heard and are inspired to also change the world. Not too ambitious now, is it?

Luckily, Lucid NYC exists totally without pretension and holier-than-thou preachiness. Every event I've attended has an overstock of humor. Presentations have covered every topic from ending world hunger (The Hunger Project) to the world's worst automobile race (The Mongol Rally). I've learned about Freegans as well as a recent corporate innovation exercise at an NPR station. Attendees are of the hip, arty, whipsmart and enlightened variety. Let's just say its a good time.

So hope to see you at the next event, which is scheduled for November 20. Check Lucid NYC's website for more details.

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