Sunday, June 22, 2008

Mermaids, Mermaids Everywhere at Coney Island's Mermaid Parade!

Nothing is more quintessentially New York fun and freaky than the fin-fabulous Mermaid Parade at Coney Island. Dress code ranges from Broadway quality aquatic costumes to teeny weeny bikinis on gals full figured and proud. Glitter and sea shell bras are prerequisites. The parade's cast of characters included voluptuous flesh baring pirate babes, shark finned macho men and drag queens shaking their mermaid tails. And the crowd ate it all up like fried calamari.

This year's parade had a tinge of the somber as Coney Island is under attack by yet another attempt to commercialize and commodify New York City. Talk about swimming with sharks. Looks like some in the city feel that Coney Island would do better as yet another generic shopping mall. Can we stop pouring Purell all over our city, please?

But despite the dip into the political, the day remained wacky, hot and humorous like any day at the beach should. For great images, check out New York City Daily Photo or the fingers-on-the-pulse Gothamist.


Ming the Merciless said...

I was there too!!

oc hometheater said...

I was there too . (has i revealed my identity ? nooo )