Thursday, October 18, 2007

A Veritable Furniture Fest in Tribeca

If you are looking to furnish that spacious New York City warehouse loft, then treat yourself to design where the ancient meets the now at the exquisite Tribeca furniture store Espasso at 38 N. Moore St. Featuring sturdy, well crafted Brazilian furniture made from salvaged hardwoods, Espasso sells contemporary furniture that never feels harsh or uninviting. Rather, the work is representative of some of South America's greatest craftsmen, showcasing design with a non-fussy flair that speaks to the current eco-centric trend dominating a post-Inconvenient Truth aesthetic.

With environmental responsibility, the store insists that any wood must be traced and marked to ensure it is not from an endangered area of the country's rainforests. Much of the wood is salvaged or recycled, which allows for a unique mix of modern and weathered among the striking desks, tables, chairs and couches on display. Ask for salesgal Daisy Huang, who is incredibly knowledgeable about the artisans and origins of the work.

Bonus: Oct. 15-21 marks the first ever New York City Design Week, with programs featuring NYC's top figures in design and culture. But if you are looking for top end interior ideas beyond this week, know that Tribeca is home to some of the greatest furniture art in Manhattan. Stores of note include the heavily French-influenced Moulin Bleu, the industrially-tinged Interieurs, module-missioned Art et Maison, and classic standbys Baker Tribeca and Design within Reach.


Carolyn said...

I love seeing new and different furniture. Makes me wish I had the money to redecorate or something. Maybe if I move to New York? Every time I read about a new adventure of yours it just makes me want to move there even more after graduation.

Mary Hilton said...

Move here move here move here! You will love NYC and the city would love you back.

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