Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Tasti D-Lite: Resistance is Futile

Summer has come to an end, and with it I am hoping for release from the merciless frozen addiction that is Tasti D-Lite. For those non-New Yorkers, Tasti D is a beloved low-calorie, low-fat (and often sub-low taste) frozen soft serve concoction that is kosher with no artificial sweeteners. Billed as a guilt free way to indulge the primal urge for icy dairy treats, Tasti D offerings are perhaps not as healthy as they appear, but sure do hit the spot on a sweaty New York day. But at three bucks plus tip for a small cup (more if you demand chocolate sprinkles like I do) I just can't justify the blissful (but financially sinful) pleasure of it. Stores are almost as plentiful as Starbucks, making the frozen stuff hard to resist. Some say the occasional indulgence is like slathering margarine on your arteries, but I still say it is a superior snack to, say, a pint of Ben & Jerry's. Judge for yourself.

Warning: The relatively new-to-New York frozen yogurt store Pinkberry (aka crackberry), an LA import and favorite of celebs, is moving in around the corner from me on Columbus Ave. Am I doomed to bounce from frozen treat to frozen treat, or what?


robin said...

Pinkberry's okay, if a tad on the sour side. Yolato is slightly more to this commenter's liking. But overall, I contend that the bonafide NYC taste sensation is the fro-yo from Bloomingdale's 40 Carrots. Unadulterated bliss in a plastic cup.

Sam D. said...

i love tasti d! i actually started a tasti blog lately--check it out. found your post through a google alert. :)

Ming_the_Merciless said...

I prefer Pinkberry to Tasti D-Lite.

The last time I tried Tasti at the SoHo store, I didn't like it very much.