Monday, August 13, 2007

First Fringe Festival Foray

Over the past few days, I've been volunteering for the New York International Fringe Festival, where I'm doing everything from hanging posters to handing out will call tix at the box offices of various venues. What a total blast! All the volunteers are fellow culture buffs, and I'm also meeting a few actors and directors (and being a star-struck theater geek). Volunteers are desperately needed, so if you have some time to kill and a passion for innovative theater, be sure to visit FringeCENTRAL at 80 Carmine St. (at Varick) and get active!

So far, I've been fortunate enough to see two Fringe plays:
In the Shadow of My Son: Rough, gripping, sometimes humorous play about postpartum depression. Yep, that is right. But the work is important and informative, and the gentle direction allows your heart to break for the women whose identities are dwarfed by newborns and misunderstood by our 'cult of the child' society. Knockout performances by writer/director Nadine Bernard and spitfire Alexandra Gilman.

Lost in Hollywoodland, or The Slugwoman from Uranus: Gotta get to at least one musical extravaganza at the Fringe, and this play gives you a singing Satan. Won't take much effort to steal a soul or two among the stardom obsessed in Hollywood, and this jaunty theatrical trip gets your toes tapping as ill-fated artistes pursue the carrot of fame straight to Hell. Watch for a Bette-Davis-diva turn by mega talent Tamara Zook. Delicious!

Bonus: If you volunteer for the Fringe Festival, you'll get a voucher to see a show-FOR FREE! Sweet!


Simply said...

Hi Mary
Thanks for all the incredible help with the festival and for helping spread the word about our need for volunteers. Having you be part of our wacky family has been a gift to those you have worked with. See you around :)
Volunteer Coordinator FringeNYC

Anonymous said...

Loved the Posters they look great.

Thanks for helping Rip Tickets.

Joel Perkins

"Farmer Song" Cast Member

Ming the Merciless said...

Oooh...I wish I had know about this earlier. I would have gladly volunteered before my classes started again this week.

I am still in awe at your adventure.